February 2018

I’m already halfway done with my semester in Barcelona, Spain; it has simultaneously felt like a lifetime and a second. I have been shooting for my photography class fairly frequently, but I always try to bring my camera wherever I go. Europe has been a wonderful muse for me!

feb 1.1
Early morning field trip to Olympic sites of Barcelona (Feb. 1) (edited)
feb 1.2
feb 2.3
I spent a weekend in Interlaken, Switzerland! (Feb. 2) (edited)
feb 2.4
I peeked inside an 800-year-old castle (edited).
feb 2.5
This entire town looks like a postcard (edited).
feb 2.6
feb 2.7
feb 3.8
I made a quick day trip to Zurich and found a pretty duck (Feb. 3) (edited).
feb 3.9
feb 3.10
Although Interlaken was overcast this day, it still was a marvel to take in (edited).
feb 4.11
One word to describe this photo: texture (Feb. 4) (edited).
feb 4.12
I purposefully did NOT edit this to show just how blue the water was. It’s all runoff from melted snow so it’s incredibly pure and gorgeous!
feb 4.13
Another example of how this town is a real life postcard (edited).
feb 8.14
Visiting an old church in Barcelona (Feb. 8) (edited).
feb 8.15
One of my favorite museums so far has been the Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona (in Catalan, the acronym is MACBA) (edited).
feb 8.16
feb 10.17
This images depicts Sitges as a quiet town, but normally it is anything but quiet! (Feb. 10) (edited)
feb 11.18
Human Tower building in honor of Santa Eulalia festivities. Look at the amount of physical support needed to safely complete this… (Feb. 11) (edited)
feb 14.19
Using compositional tools for a photography project (Feb. 14) (edited).
feb 14.20
I believe this is one of my favorite pictures that I’ve taken recently due to its peculiarity, simplicity, and ability to tell a story (edited).
feb 14.21

7 thoughts on “February 2018

  1. Awesome selection of pictures this month. I love all of them, but especially the texture photo, the “post card” photos, the human totem pole, and the unedited lake picture. This collection is a wonderful representation of your trip to Europe. Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!!!

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  2. These photos are really marvelous – thanks so much for sending them to me !

    Grand to see you and talk with you this afternoon when Dad was here getting this Email to work again –SO appreciated !! Glad your headaches are gone – take good care of your legs !

    Love you dearly, Grammy

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10

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  3. Kathryn, I really enjoyed viewing your photography. You have a great sensitivity and excellent framing. I hope the rest of your trip goes as well and thank you for sharing your work. Sandy

    Liked by 1 person

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