December 2017 + Pre-Travel

December and the first few days of January involved much more relaxing than photographing for me, but I have been preparing for an exciting trip. I will be in Barcelona, Spain for the semester taking classes and seeing Europe! As no surprise, I am taking my camera equipment and plan to update my website monthly with exciting and vibrant pictures. I also will be vlogging my experience, which can be seen at this link when I start posting in the next few days.

My final project of the semester was to reproduce a piece of work from art history, and I chose this Renaissance painting by Peter Paul Rubens. I’m incredibly proud of how this photograph turned out, especially with minute details that the original artist introduced which I mimicked well. (Dec. 10) (edited)
I colorized a few old photos of family members. This is my great-grandmother in the 1920’s. (Dec. 20) (edited)
3 actual
This is my dad’s dad as a boy. (Dec. 21) (edited)
4 actual
And this is my mom’s mom in her “school days”. The image was originally sepia toned. (edited)
I practiced using my new Christmas present, a GoPro Hero 5 Black. Although I plan to use it mainly for video, I enjoy the extreme wide angle photos. (Jan. 3)
Here I use my Nikon D3200 again, which picks up lowlight images much better than a GoPro.
Check out that angle at which it’s snowing… (edited)
Car lights of a brave driver. (edited)

2 thoughts on “December 2017 + Pre-Travel

  1. I love the final art project shot, especially the mirror re-casting your face in what appears to be a perfect angle with the camera/mirror direction. Having compared to the original painting, you captured the essence of it masterfully!! Can’t wait to see the pictures from Europe!


  2. I’m in awe and almost speechless seeing your Renaissance portrait/photo.
    The details of your eyes looking to the left and the reflection NOT looking the same way is AMAZING.
    Every day I see more & more signs of how talented you are. (This coming from a “non-cultured” human.)
    So exciting to wait and see what’s next!

    Liked by 1 person

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