August 2017

As I prepared for my third year of college, I was able to photograph one of my best friends and the sun! Many of you heard of, witnessed, or saw pictures of the “Great American Eclipse”; I traveled two hours south with a friend to enjoy the spectacle.

Recognize this lady from either here or here? (Aug. 14) (edited)
Anybody else feeling the Janis Joplin vibes? (edited)
What a warm smile! (edited)
Marissa is stunning even in candid photos. (edited)
Yes, I was lucky enough to see the Total Solar Eclipse; an easy two hour drive was well-worth the trip (Aug. 21).


The “Diamond Ring” effect
Thank you to Heritage Christian Academy in Lexington, SC for hosting a successful viewing event! (edited)


3 thoughts on “August 2017

  1. Kathryn, just when I think, “Wow, THESE are Kathryn’s best pictures to date, you send us the next month’s email with even MORE spectacular ones!!!!!
    I’ll am blown away with the “model-look” you and Marissa captured in all where she was the subject. 😎
    And we all had an AMAZING subject on Aug. 21st. Your eclipse pictures belong in the N&O or National Geographic magazine.
    Wow, wow, wow, girl. I think I’ll started spreading a rumor– Kathryn learned all she knows about photography from her mother. JK 😂

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