April 2017

As the semester wrapped up this month, I was busy, stressed, yet stronger in my photographic skills. I began to admire the art of editing, as it was required for my film photography class. Images rarely come out of the camera perfect; normal editing enhances the picture. A good photograph is crucial, but good editing polishes the work. (With that being said, most of my images have been edited in Photoshop, contrary to my usual technique.)

To celebrate a Renovation Campaign, my home church hired me to photograph all three church services and Photoshop the pictures together in order to emphasize the community at HUMC. It looks like an “I Spy” image (Apr. 2) http://www.highlandumc.org
My friend Marissa and I went to Reedy Creek Park one pleasant afternoon, and I used the day to practice shooting my 35mm camera more. (Apr. 7)
The first two images are for a project, and the others show my exploration along UNCC’s greenway. (Apr. 8 + 11)
Two friends from my photography class and I shot images for a project and goofed off while doing so. Most of the pictures are of an abandoned reform school (which I visit later with my digital camera). (Apr. 21)
I returned to this abandoned reform school with my DSLR and Marissa; I saw interesting shots even before stepping into the buildings. (Apr. 29)
If you have followed my website for awhile, you know that Marissa is one of my favorite models 🙂

I was enthralled and heartbroken to see the deterioration of multiple pianos.

With only an outdated metal bed frame inside, this room is what horror movies are made of!
The attic of one building housed nothing more than a toilet seat, leaving many questions in my head.

3 thoughts on “April 2017

  1. Wonderfully creative pictures this month Kathryn. I particularly liked the scene of the chair in the abandoned school through the broken glass. Thanks for keeping your Nikon’s point-of-view active and sharing with all of us!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Truly unique, interesting & thought-provoking photographs, Kathryn!
    I’m continually amazed at the objects you select to photograph and the angles you use when photographing these objects.
    So amazing😘

    Liked by 1 person

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