January + February 2017

I’ve spent the first two months of 2017 learning about and enjoying the intricacies of film photography! I have only dealt with digital photography up until this semester, but I have savored my time in the dark room thus far. Our main project in January and February, besides learning film photography basics, was to make photograms (read Wikipedia’s definition of a photogram here). This post showcases my final products, alongside contact sheets and a few digital photographs.

I can’t wait to make and share prints from my film later this semester!

1jan7 copy
The start of the year gave us a pretty snow/ice show (Jan. 7)
2jan7 copy
The window of a car from the inside…
3jan17 copy
…and the same image once I get bored after dealing with ice and freezing temperatures for a week (Jan. 17)
4jan28 copy
Once exposed to how a film camera works, I went out and used it! This is my first contact sheet, which shows each image on a roll of film (Jan. 28)
5jan30 copy
I continued to walk around UNCC’s campus, look for different subjects, and experiment with the settings that affect exposure (Jan. 30)
6feb2 copy
(Feb. 2)
7feb23 copy
This is my first photogram, produced with my retainer and cotton ball particles! The right side is the original print, and the negative print mirrors it on the left side (Feb. 23) (edited)
8feb23 copy
Using outstretched gum, spit, and deodorant, I made my second photogram. My professor showed me how to add sepia tone, and it enhanced the print greatly.
9feb23 copy
My third photogram is a narrative, displaying the differences between a healthy and unhealthy relationship. The bodies of the “people” are made from cotton swabs; photograms truly push you to be creative and to think outside of the box.
10feb25 copy
I visited my grandmother at her nursing home so she could show me the budding plants (Feb. 25)

11feb25 copy

3 thoughts on “January + February 2017

  1. Love the snow scenes — the one from inside the car presents a whole new perspective of the winter wonderland!
    Also love the hands and analogy to relationships.
    You are so talented and beautiful, Kathryn.
    I love you so much😘

    Liked by 1 person

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