November + December 2016

My last two months of 2016 were exciting and relaxing, ending another semester of college and being home for winter break! I’m excited to see what 2017 has in store for me; I know it’ll be an interesting journey.

Gwen and Justin, two teammates from the 49er Social and Ballroom Dance Club, won second place in Beginner Swing! (Nov. 12)
I went to my first Panthers game this season! I couldn’t get over the gorgeous skyline that accompanied my view (Nov. 13) (on iPhone)
You know you’re in the Southeastern US when trees are still turning red in late November (Nov. 22) (on iPhone)
(on iPhone)
My sister and her 5-month-old “Energizer bunny” puppy posed for a happy shot (Nov. 26)
The magic of Christmas feels truest to me when all the lights in the house besides the tree are off. (on iPhone)
I photographed (and attended) my first Muslim wedding this December! Although the bride did not want her name or face visible, she gave me permission to show off pictures of her incredible jewelry and outfit (Dec. 23)


Congratulations to the incredibly sweet, happy couple!
I took family portraits of the lovely Jones family this holiday season. The partial sepia filter gives this photo a nice tone (Dec. 24)
NYE bonfire! (Dec. 31) (on iPhone)

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