October 2016

For October, I’m featuring two sets of pictures; I put the third set in its own post. Make sure to look at both posts for some striking images!

I joined the 49ers Social & Ballroom Dance club this semester! Here, our instructor (Willie) and club president (Gwen) are featured. (Oct. 2)


During this practice, we were practicing the waltz.


Hurricane Matthew hit the Southeastern US; my hometown of Raleigh, NC did not have serious life-threatening issues, but as you can see, trees fell during the storm. This view always makes me do a double take because you don’t expect to see a bird feeder attached to the roots fall alongside this massive tree. (Oct. 9)
A light pole snapped, but because of the geometries of the wire connections, the top half simply hung in the middle of the street. Here, you can see the original pole still standing and the detached part hovering inches above the road.
A tree fell in front of my neighbor’s house (damage was done, but no one was hurt), and only one of their halloween decorations still eerily stood, looking over the scene.
The top of the light pole was literally inches above the pavement.
With NC’s unseasonably warm weather, hummingbirds still hung around my grandparent’s feeder!

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