Throwback: 25th Anniversary Pictures

I didn’t have much content to post for a September 2016 post; instead, I’m posting some pictures from a couple of years ago!

For my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, I took “engagement pictures” of them. Some of the pictures were cheesy and goofy, but I captured a bunch of good shots out of the set that represents their amazing relationship. This year they’ll celebrate 27 years of marriage; here’s to you, Mom and Dad!

Just like many couples, my parents like long walks on the beach. (Aug. 14, 2014)
25th wedding anniversary or 5th; who can tell? (edited)
He’s still chasing after her to this day…


As lovely as that beach house in the background is, it certainly isn’t ours!


Laughing silhouettes–an even prettier sight than the sunset.
One thing’s for sure–my parents know how to make each other laugh. Thanks for always making me laugh, too!

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