July 2016

I ended the month at Term 2 of Duke TIP! Being a camp counselor is extremely exhausting and rewarding; here’s a glimpse into the more “glamorous” side of Residential Counselor-ing.

On our day off, my friend Halie and I went hiking off of the Blue Ridge Parkway! (Jul. 13)
The moon says hello!
I doubt that I’ll ever get tired of mountain landscapes.
Here are some Term 2 students (better known as tipsters) relaxing on the quad; they are some of the coolest 13-year-olds you’ll ever talk with. (Jul. 16)
My boss (and friend) JD managed to stand at the top of the stairs and make 200 teenagers listen to her; where’s her medal?
We had a “carnival” that covered the whole residence hall, and one of the events was trying to make RC Andrew laugh; as you can see, it rarely worked.
“It’s the end of the world as we know it…”
The summer’s signature dance move, the “dab”.
The water balloon toss is a classic event at PITFest, an annual field day at TIP. (Jul. 23)
Losing makes for a good picture sometimes.
Clothespin Win, an event where students try to remove each other’s clothespins, is one of the most fun events to watch; you can see the crowd getting excited in the background.
Winning makes for a good picture sometimes, too.
What else is a camp supposed to with leftover water balloons than have a 225 person water balloon fight?
Last term, JD poured a cooler of water all over Ryan. This term, he got back at her…
…with a surprise attack…
…that turned out really well on camera AND in reality.
One of our other big events is taking everyone to Bo’s, an arcade and bowling alley. Here, it’s tipsters vs. “The Claw”. (Jul. 24)
Our camp took over the building; note the number of green lanyards in the picture.
The annual talent show always produces amazing results; Natalie performed a song from “Hamilton”, theatrics and all. (Jul. 28)
Olivia’s face perfectly explains everyone’s thoughts: “I love this kid but why am I letting him pie me in the face with shaving cream?”

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