June 2016

This month I started my first summer as a Residential Counselor with Duke TIP! Many of these pictures are of the wonderful students and coworkers I met during Term 1; you’ll also find views from the Blue Ridge Parkway, which I explored on my days off. July will hold pictures from Term 2– get excited!

Views from the 5th (floor) (Jun. 15)
I unfortunately chose a cloudy afternoon to travel along the Blue Ridge Parkway, but the day certainly wasn’t ruined.


A fun place to play off the side of the road


Rain isn’t great when you’re trying to keep your camera dry, but it makes a decent picture.
Just around the river bend…
…or the bend in the road.
I told you– a cloudy day doesn’t mean it’s a bad day.
You can see the BRP continuing across from where I was standing. The mountains are absolutely gorgeous.
_DSC0054 2
Ryan was in awe of Mark’s amazing dance skills (Jun. 24)
Jello Snarfling is an intense sport, found at most Duke TIP Field Days. (Jun. 25)
Ta, one of the leaders of the blue team (the Savage Patch Kids), has always been a supportive RC!
Tomi, who was in my RC group, competed in the Clothespin Win event, where students try to grab others’ clothespins without having their own be grabbed and pulled off of their sleeve.
There are so many things going on in this picture (also of Clothespin Win), and I don’t know which is funnier.
I managed to catch this shot of a sneaky clothespin grab. (lightly edited)
Yes, we took about 200 middle schoolers to an arcade for the afternoon. (Jun. 26)
Bowling was successful!
For many students!
What, adults can’t have fun too?
Diva faces– not an uncommon sight in our line of work.
TIProm was a hit, red carpet and all! (Jun. 30)
_DSC0072 2
Just because they’re at camp for being academically gifted doesn’t mean they can’t be photogenic, too.
“The girl in the headband” was warmly greeted by her friends after giving a powerful spoken word poem at the annual Talent Show (Jul. 1)

4 thoughts on “June 2016

  1. Exceptionally beautiful and interesting photographs of your 3 weeks as a Duke TIP RC. Also the gorgeous scenery nearby on the Blueridge Pkwy. I enjoyed every image.

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  2. Kathryn, you have presented another set of beautiful photos. The BR Parkway is a beautiful drive and is an endless supply of beautiful scenery. Looks like you had a bunch of energetic young people in your group. Glad you are home for a few days!!!

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