March 2016

March was much more pleasant for photography since everything started blooming (the pollen attacked my nose, though). I’m including some of my favorite pictures from the Purpose Up Symposium along with iPhone & Nikon pictures I captured throughout this month.

I love this picture because you can see the word behind Dr. Nadia Brown that she is describing: doyenne, which means stand-out woman leader; she was clearly a paradigm of a doyenne. (Mar. 6)
Those two days were packed with awesome discussion!


This picture only tries to show the power behind Sherre Bishop’s (or should I say, Sistah Willie Ruth’s) voice.
A beautiful table memorial set up for my late friend, Jennifer Merriman. (Mar. 7)


Tough discussions…
…but easy-going fellowship.
This picture has a story behind it that makes me love it. Two women who went through the Jennifer Y. Merriman H.E.L.P. program spoke about how large of an impact the program made on their lives. One of the women brought her daughter, Julia, who showed compassion in the purest way possible. While her mom was speaking and crying at the podium, Julia ran up to give her a hug and wipe away her tears. I noticed that, still feeling like she wasn’t doing enough, Julia wanted to get her mom tissues but had none. She looked her backpack; all she had was this scarf, so she planned to run back up to her mom and let her use her scarf as a tissue. Luckily a woman in the audience had some to offer, but the love behind Julia’s action is amazing.
When Jennifer was murdered, Andrea told us how she “wanted to go back there”, to the dark place of loneliness and depression. She stayed there for awhile, but (clearly) she found her strength again.
Fire pit! (Mar. 12)
My dad visited me one weekend, so we went to the Bechtler Museum in Uptown Charlotte! Thanks to “The Firebird” sculpture for the distorted selfie. (Mar. 18)
If you put the lens from a cheap laser pointer onto an iPhone camera, you get incredible results (these are bristles from a makeup brush). (Mar. 21)
Happy Easter from Highland UMC in Raleigh, NC! (Mar. 27)
I brought my camera to the WRAL Gardens on Easter, and I’m so glad I did. This is one of those pictures that’s taken on a whim but turns out beautifully!


Buddy didn’t like the WRAL Gardens unfortunately, but this blurry picture of him and my mom still captures their loveliness.
If you have never been in UNCC’s student union (let alone on the campus), do it. It’s gorgeous (with minor help from iPhone editing). (Mar. 29)
I plan to bring my camera here and take a high resolution picture of this trail; it’s magnificent with the new spring foliage. (Mar. 30)

2 thoughts on “March 2016

  1. Kathryn, your pictures are so meaningful and story telling!! Sorry we missed you yesterday but we had a very good visit with Laura Ann. She is doing well but yearns for faster healing. She will have her other knee replaced on April 11. Have a great day!!!😍😍😍🏀🏀🏀🏀. Love Granddaddy😍😍

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  2. Kathryn, these are wonderful pictures and captions. I almost feel like I attended the conference!

    The way you captured the ladies’ facial expressions spoke volumes.

    So glad you have more time to devote to your passion. 😘

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