February 2016

Unfortunately, February was a really busy month for me, and I only had one chance to use my Nikon. March will be loaded with GREAT stuff, but for now here’s (mostly) iPhone pictures I captured this past month!

We had a fast, intense rain storm one day walking to lunch, and my friend’s umbrella did not survive… (Feb. 3)
We started working on precedent studies this semester; in order to get inspired, I drew my house in a collage from different google images I found.
Part 2 of the Bianchi House images (five story house in the Swiss mountains– field trip?!)
I got to take pictures of these two lovely ladies and their dates before their high school’s prom-like dance, Queen of Hearts! (Feb. 5)
I’m lucky to have a view of Uptown Charlotte and the sunset on the way back to my dorm room every day (Feb. 12)
My parents treated me to an early Valentine’s Day brunch at a lovely place called Cowbell! (Feb. 13)
These pancakes were too pretty not to photograph (and too yummy not to finish)
Since UNCC’s Belk Tower was recently removed, the architecture firm wanted to get some student input on what would replace it (Feb. 17)
Charlotte’s first breakthrough into springtime weather was enjoyed on a hammock…at least until I had to get back to work! (Feb. 21)
This skyline view is a little grainier since I zoomed in, but those crazy clouds highlighted by the sunset were too cool not to capture! (Feb. 24)
I enjoyed a late Sunday brunch in the gorgeous patio-like seating area of one of our dining halls (Feb. 28)

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