November 2015

Even though November was my birth month, school was not any more lenient, unfortunately. I felt quite celebrated, though (by those pictured below and more), and I received more love over a relaxing Thanksgiving break! I’m excited to finish this semester in December and get back to free time, hopefully filled with family time and photography!

Fun fact: Kendall is a wonderful volleyball player, but a not-so-wonderful baseball player. (Nov. 8)
Was Daniel celebrating a strikeout or Sunday Night Football? Probably both.
PSA: These are not grapes; they were orange on the inside.
Fall is life, featuring Latta Plantation Nature Reserve.
It is completely safe to play chicken with your adult-sized yet childish friends by a lake. (No one was harmed in the making of this laughter.)
Regional Sports Gear, $19.95 plus shipping and handling. (Does not come with professional models, Daniel and Kendall.)
I loved taking engagement-style pictures for the non-engaged Brittany and Camme!
Newly released picture from the Panther’s last home game, #58 receiver Matthew Craft.
The start of an evening bonfire after Latta Plantation shenanigans.
Bonfire part 2.
I found some pretty views on the way back to school via Hwy 49. (Nov. 28)
The landscapes were a little less red & yellow and a little more grayish & brown.
I never mind a 2.5 hour drive to Charlotte when I get to see views like this.

2 thoughts on “November 2015

  1. These are wonderful pictures Kathryn!! Looks like you have some very cooperative (and fun) friends as subjects. Can’t wait to see you back at home for the long Christmas break!! 🙂


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